Nuclear Powers Maryland Statement on Proposed Climate Solutions Act of 2022

“It’s time for the Maryland General Assembly to recognize the value of carbon-free nuclear energy in meeting the state’s ambitious climate goals. As proposed, the Climate Solutions Act of 2022 does not even consider the integral role that safe, reliable and clean nuclear energy, which provides 80 percent of the state’s carbon-free energy, plays in meeting the proposed GHG reduction goals. Failure to account for nuclear’s vital contribution in a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is a failure to recognize that, without nuclear, Maryland will fall far short of the proposed legislation’s goal to reach net zero emissions by 2045 and 60% GHG emissions reductions by 2030. As a coalition of labor, businesses large and small, and advocacy groups around the state, we stand ready to work with the General Assembly to ensure the state’s climate goals can be met.”

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