About Nuclear Powers Maryland

Maryland stands at a crossroads. As the threat of climate change becomes more urgent, a statewide transition to clean energy must be a top priority for our state decision-makers. Nuclear Powers Maryland is a statewide coalition of like-minded organizations who believe Maryland has an opportunity to become a national clean energy leader by embracing the benefits of carbon-free nuclear power. As Maryland’s largest source of carbon-free power, nuclear energy is the state’s most important tool for enabling cities, communities, and businesses to reduce emissions and prevent harmful pollutants being emitted into the air we breathe, while maintaining access to affordable, reliable electric power. By 2030, Maryland can reach 70% clean energy with nuclear in operation. Without nuclear, Maryland could only reach 50% clean energy by then.  

Achieving Results and Continuing the Mission

Thanks to the perseverance of the coalition, working with both the MD House and Senate, the formal identification and recognition of nuclear energy as a zero-emission resource essential to achieving the state’s climate goals is achieved!

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 (CSA), a groundbreaking piece of legislation that cements Maryland's role as America's climate leader.

Calling for 60% reduction in GHG emissions from 2006 levels by 2031, with a deadline for the state to achieve GHG neutrality by 2045, it is imperative that the Nuclear Powers Maryland Coalition continue its mission to educate key Maryland stakeholders on traditional and advanced nuclear’s numerous benefits for the state and stand against measures that may exclude nuclear power as a key contributor to meeting these goals.