Advocates Form Coalition to Support Maryland's Largest Source of Carbon-Free Energy: Nuclear Power


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Nuclear Powers Maryland will work together to educate on and advocate for nuclear power’s critical role in accelerating the state’s clean energy transition


March 2, 2021 – A coalition of like-minded organizations who recognize that Maryland has an opportunity to be a national clean energy leader by embracing the numerous benefits of carbon-free nuclear power have come together to form a statewide alliance – Nuclear Powers Maryland (NPMD).

The coalition will work together to educate the public about the benefits of nuclear energy and advocate for state policies that recognize nuclear energy’s critical role in accelerating clean energy progress and economic growth in Maryland. Founding members of the coalition include: the American Nuclear Society, the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, the Calvert County Government, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), Centrus Energy, EXCEL Services Corporation, Exelon Generation, the Nuclear Energy Institute, Orano USA, Sensible Energy Matters to America (SEMA), Studsvik Scandpower and X-energy.

Maryland stands at a crossroads in the transition to clean energy as the threat of climate change grows more urgent. It has joined states around the country in passing ambitious legislation with science-driven targets to meet the climate challenge, like the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which aims to achieve 100% clean power by 2040. However, action is urgently needed today to meet these goals and avoid dangerous near-term impacts of climate change. Carbon-free nuclear energy can and will play an increasingly important role to enable the state to quickly and cost-effectively transition to clean energy.

Marylanders are ready for a clean energy future, according to new research commissioned by Nuclear Powers Maryland. The study – which surveyed 600 media-attentive and engaged voters statewide – found that nearly everyone (91%) say it’s important for state officials to enact policies that reduce carbon emissions. The research shows that reducing carbon emissions is no longer a partisan issue. A strong majority (74%) of Republican voters are expecting state policies that remove carbon emissions from the air.

Despite the overwhelming desire to reduce carbon emissions, awareness of the state’s largest source of carbon-free energy is relatively low; only 54% of Maryland opinion leaders indicate they are familiar with the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant, something that Nuclear Powers Maryland will seek to change.

Nuclear power is already a major source of clean power in the United States. Nationally, nuclear energy provides nearly 20% of electricity and more than half of the country’s carbon-free power. In Maryland, nuclear accounts for an even greater share, delivering 38% of electricity generated in the state, 82% of carbon-free energy, and nearly 1,200 family-sustaining jobs.

As Maryland’s largest source of carbon-free energy, nuclear energy is the state’s most important tool for enabling cities, communities, and businesses to transition to clean energy, while maintaining access to affordable, reliable electric power. The state’s strong nuclear industry – which includes both traditional and advanced technologies – represents a critical opportunity for Maryland to invest in clean energy jobs, improve public health through fewer emissions, rebuild the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19 and become a national leader in clean energy.


About Nuclear Powers Maryland
Nuclear Powers Maryland is a statewide coalition of clean energy advocates dedicated to supporting the State of Maryland’s transition to clean energy. Comprised of a diverse group of like-minded organizations – energy and electric companies, non-profits, local governments and trade associations – the coalition is dedicated to educating the public about the value of carbon-free nuclear power and supporting Maryland’s continued clean energy progress and economic growth. For more information, visit or follow @nuclearpowersmd on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.