What's New - Nuclear Powers Maryland

The latest nuclear developments are astounding, and companies headquartered in our own backyard are making it happen!


New technologies are using less to do more than ever. Small modular reactors that fit on the back of a semi-truck could soon power entire communities. Spent fuel is being recycled to create even more electricity.

The developments are astounding!

Here are a few of the ways companies headquartered in our own backyard are making it happen:

Centrus Energy just got approval to start producing a special type of nuclear fuel called HALEU that can generate more power with less waste and enable reactors to operate for a longer period of time between refueling outages. This fuel is unique because it can be used to power traditional and advanced reactors.  

X-Energy was one of only two companies in the nation selected to participate in the Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, and one of three companies chosen to create a nuclear thermal space propulsion concept for NASA. 

Orano was recently awarded a series of contracts for the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, leading the charge to strengthen the nuclear supply chain around the globe.   

One thing is for certain – there has never been a more exciting time for nuclear power...especially here in Maryland!